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  • Unravelling the Marriage Equality Judgement, The Leaflet,

  • "Reproductive rights and underrepresented groups... And  Justice for all?", Panellist, Society for Study of Reproduction, 12th July 2023.

  • "Free Speech and Queer Collectivising: Impediments and the way forward", Keynote Speaker, Queer Collective Conference, Vibhinn 2023 IIT Delhi Queer Pride Festival.

  • "Litigating Queer Rights in India", Human Rights Law Practicum Lecture, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, 23rd November 2022.

  • "Securing the Right to Health in a post-pandemic India", The Philosophy Club, National Law University, Delhi, 3rd November 2022.

  • Class Speaker, Harvard Medical School, Master of Bioethics Degree Programme Hooding Ceremony, 25th May 2022.

  • 'Navigating Queerness under a Fascist Regime: An Autoethnographic Account' Women in Power Conference, Harvard Kennedy School, April 2022

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