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 Academic Publications

Journal Articles

Edited Chapters

  • Rohin Bhatt, Panistha Bhatt. ‘Soft Law and Medical Ethics in Ancient India’. Ed. Richa Sharma, Recent Trends in Legal History. ISBN No. 9789384936136.

Online Articles

Panels and Presentations

  • Moderated a panel on ‘Surrogacy: The Ethical Dilemma’ with Dr. Nayana Patel, Dr. K. Parameswaran, Dr. Tanistha Samantha, and Ms. Kelly Dhru on March 3, 2020, at Gujarat National Law University, India. More information on the panel can be found at:

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  • Presented a poster titled ‘Is Three a Crowd?: Assessing Parental Rights of Mitochondrial DNA Donor in Three-Parent Babies’ at the Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference, July 1-2, 2019, at University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

  • Presented a paper titled ‘Soft Law and Medical Ethics in Ancient India’ at the All India Legal History Congress, July 14-15, 20201, at Gujarat National Law University

Personal Publications

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